Regional Duma deputies criticized the address of the regional government . For the first four years of the Saratov Regional Duma openly demonstrated their loyalty to the governor , at the next session of the Duma deputies began to criticize the regional government . The reason for this , according to the information service channel " TelekomTV " report served as Treasury Secretary Alexander Larionov " On Amendments and Additions to the Law of the Saratov Oblast" On the regional budget for 2000 . " Reporting to the deputies for their work by the Government , the Minister referred to the underfunding of some budget items . specifically , the regional health has received less 100 million rubles , social services - 36 million , half of which was intended for the treatment of the disabled and elderly . However, an article about health Organization regional officials fully implemented - and it is about 10 million. ultimately the government was delivered seemingly arbitrary use of the regional budget . Some MPs , in particular Nicholas Semenets , Vladimir and Nikolai Tchurikov Dumchev urged colleagues not to pass the bill in two readings , as suggested by the governor. as a result, the draft document was only adopted in the first reading as a framework , and members of the government offered to return to the refinement voiced numbers and report at a future meeting of the fuller picture - what sent these amounts . Final vote was unexpected. The governor and some members of the government rose from their seats and left the courtroom Regional Duma . 01.03.2001 19:04 Legislative Assembly decided to establish a prize named after Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov. Ulyanovsk Oblast Legislative Assembly decided to establish a specialized regional Prize Russian educator Ilya Nikolaevich Ulyanov. Prize will be awarded annually for outstanding achievements in the education and upbringing of the younger generation , for significant contribution to the development of secondary schools and institutions of additional education and initial VET . Ilya Nikolayevich Ulyanov, better known by the fact that he was the father of Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Lenin) . Newly established award for teachers will join a number of already existing in the field of professional awards . Until now, only those awarded in the field of literature, science, industry and agriculture . 01.03.2001 19:06 Installed cost of living for the first half . Governor Vladimir Shamanov signed a decree on the subsistence level in the Ulyanovsk region. In accordance with this document, the first half of 2001 , the following levels of subsistence : for the working-age population - 1406 rubles per month for children - 1272 rubles per month , for pensioners - 962 rubles per month . In terms of the average inhabitant of the Ulyanovsk region subsistence level is 1285 rubles a month. However, these figures did not correspond to the level of income below which life is impossible in the field , as in Ulyanovsk and districts of the region , many people receive their wages in two or three times lower than the minimum notorious . Governor established indicators will be used only to assess the level of family income in dealing with the provision of benefits and social assistance , as well as for the purpose of tariff rates and salaries of the working population -budget sphere . 01.03.2001 19:07 Heavy snowfall almost paralyzed traffic trams and buses. Heavy snowfall in the last day of winter virtually paralyzed the movement of trams and buses on a number of city routes Ulyanovsk. According to dispatchers MP " Ulyanovskelektrotrans " because of icing and snow drifts rail trams could not move " uphill " through the streets Minayeva , Michurin and Narimanov Avenue . In this regard, the city had to send " train" detours. In addition, about one fifth of all trams and out of service because of snow hits in engines . Was completely stopped and the movement distance buses in the northern part of the city ( streets Ippodromnaya and Star ) , as well as in the direction of the village irrigation . At the same time Ulyanovsk bus station were canceled morning flights suburban bus in the northern , southern and eastern directions. According to the mayor's office on snow removal was sent 258 tractors, plows , graders and other equipment owned Spetsavtohozyaystvo of cleaning the city of Ulyanovsk and municipal utilities . However, for the full and , most importantly, timely victory over the elements of this was not enough . 01.03.2001 19:32 Announced a competition for prizes and scholarships Pushkin . In Nizhny Novgorod region announced a competition for prizes and scholarships Pushkin . Competition organized provincial departments of education and arts and culture. Prize will be awarded for outstanding work in the field of literature and journalism , education, science and higher education , arts, cultural and leisure activities . Each of the five nominations listed includes a fee of 30 times the minimum wage . Works are accepted until April 30. Together with the works must be submitted to three reviews of specialists of the organization from which the extension together with other relevant reviews. These are the requirements for applicants and Pushkin scholarship . The amount of each scholarship - 4 times the minimum wage . They are intended for students and schoolchildren who have reached high results in the humanities. 01.03.2001 19:33 Inspectors Nizhny Novgorod Branch of the Russian Transport Inspection in conjunction with the city administration and traffic police carried out an operation " Bus" . In Nizhny Novgorod, the next check . Inspectors Nizhny Novgorod Branch of the Russian Transport Inspection in conjunction with the city administration and traffic police carried out an operation " Bus" , checking the work of commercial routes. In the last week has been tested 700 commercial minibuses and found 550 violations. 100 owners of private buses were fined , have been suspended five of title Passenger avtoperevozom , and one businessman even license was withdrawn . Also during the raid were identified private owners who do not have a license, which were fined. 01.03.2001 19:35
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